Crash-Avoidance Systems: Safety Features To Consider

crash-avoidance systemsWe’ve discussed how to deal with auto collisions, but it is far preferable to avoid them. New crash-avoidance systems help make that possible by detecting possible hazards and assisting drivers in responding to them quickly. And drivers are responding in the way they choose their vehicles: Crash-avoidance systems were rated as the most desirable features available on new cars.

A number of crash-avoidance systems are now available on select models. Some of these active safety features to consider include:

  • Forward collision avoidance. These systems use radar, lasers or cameras to detect other cars or objects on the road ahead, and whether you are in danger of hitting them.
  • Adaptive cruise control. This feature is closely related to forward collision avoidance, but uses the technology to slow down your car if there is a slower-moving vehicle ahead.
  • Blind spot detection. This feature takes the sensors used to detect objects and directs them at the driver’s blind spots.
  • Park assist. Park assist is basically a rear collision avoidance system. Besides using sensors and warnings, many display a video image of what is behind the car on the vehicle’s infotainment screen.
  • Lane departure prevention. Whereas the above crash-avoidance systems detect solid objects, a lane departure prevention system actually looks at the lines on the road and detects whether you are straying out of your lane.
  • Driver monitoring. Some of the most advanced safety features keep an eye on the driver, detecting whether you are getting drowsy and helping to keep you alert.
  • Electronic stability control. As of 2012, this traction and steering assist feature is now standard on all new models.
  • Curve speed. A curve speed warning system uses GPS to detect upcoming bends in the road, and determines whether you are driving too fast to make the turn.
  • Adaptive headlights. These headlights turn as the steering wheel turns to better illuminate curves in the road.

All of these crash-avoidance systems are more likely to be found on newer cars or luxury brands. With, you can find safe late-model vehicles available with easy-to-afford lease arrangements. Contact us today with any questions.

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