Creepy Cars

To some, cars are like a trusty companion, always getting us where we need to go. We trust our cars to keep us safe while out on the road. But what if your car turned on you and meant to cause you harm. There have been reports throughout history of cars that have transformed from chariots of safe haven to Hell on Earth.


One car that stirred up all kinds of commotion in recent history is the 1964 Dodge 330 Limited Edition named the “Golden Eagle”. This vehicle is supposedly the most evil car in America according to The car, which was originally bought to be used at a police car in Maine, started its evil agenda within the local police force. During the time the car was used by the police, only three officers ever drove the squad car. All three officers were later involved in three individual murder-suicides in which they killed their families before then killing themselves. The car is reportedly involved in another 14 deaths according to the most recent owner. In 2010 a church group destroyed the car claiming that it had demonic powers.


Another famously creepy car belonged to Archduke Franz Ferdinand during World War I. The open-air limo was transporting the Archduke to a hospital to visit loved ones when an assassin shot him and his wife in the head and throat. After the death of the Archduke, the limo had was owned by 15 other unfortunate souls. Thirteen of the people who had the displeasure of owning the vehicle died in car-related accidents. According to Auto Blog the car was officially retired in 1926. It now resides in the War History Museum of Vienna.


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