Do You Have What It Takes to Buy A Ferrari?

For most people buying a car includes doing some research about which type of vehicle you want, going to a dealership or looking online and then purchasing or leasing that car. But if you are in the market for the new limited-edition Ferrari Aperta, you might have to jump through a few more hoops.

While this type of luxury is not something that most drivers can afford for the rich and famous this is a hot ticket item. But Ferrari doesn’t just let anyone with the cash buy these swanky cars. There is a process that often involves becoming a member of the Ferrari “family” that a buyer will have to go through before being eligible for their limited-edition offerings.

Past buyers of limited-edition vehicles have revealed some of the secrets of getting your hands on one of these cars. Often, interested buyers mist cultivate a relationship with a dealer, buying many of the standard Ferrari models over the years. Those “standard” models will cost you about $250,000 dollars by the way.

Additionally, getting to know the company on a more personal level always helps your chances too. One way that buyers can do this is by visiting the Ferrari factory located in Maranello, Italy.

Having an A-list celebrity profile that can influence the masses with your taste in cars doesn’t hurt either.

Add all of these things up and you might just be lucky enough to be able to purchase the limited-edition offerings.

The limited-edition Le Ferrari Aperta will be debuted at the Paris Auto Show this month. It is said that there will be only 150 of these vehicles produced thus increasing the demand for the car.

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