Don’t Get Stuck in Your Car Lease

Being stuck with a car you aren’t able to drive isn’t a situation in which many people want to experience. However when something unexpected happens, such as a death in the family, accident or disability, this is a situation you can find yourself in.

Such is the example of Benjamin LaSalle, as told in a Fort Myers News-Press article. Mr. LaSalle leased his vehicle, a Hyundai, in January of this year and is no longer able to drive it. He’s faced with a tough decision. Either let his credit take a hit or continue to pay his lease and have the car sit in his driveway for the remainder of the 42 months.

As John Sternal, spokesperson for recounted, this is a scenario the company has heard many times. Disability isn’t the only reason people need to transfer their lease. An individual gets a new job and a company car and has no use for his or her vehicle anymore. Or a couple learns they’re expecting a baby and need to get a family-appropriate car. is the go-between individuals looking to exit their lease and others looking to take it over.

Scott Hall, Executive Vice-President for affirmed Mr. Sternal’s comments and said that several finance corporations are okay with the lease transfer process. Hall went on to say that more often than not, lease transferring benefits the finance companies.

Knowing that you aren’t truly stuck in your car lease can be liberating. is the largest online lease marketplace and they have what you’re looking for. Functioning as a sort of matchmaking service for cars, helps individuals get more car at an affordable price.

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