Don’t Let Those Summer Deals Fall Away

As summer begins to give way to autumn, consumers are flocking to dealerships to get into a new vehicle before the season ends. Many dealers, however, have been experiencing a shortage of cars on lots to meet the demand. This demand, paired with a decrease in price, has made trading cars much like having the latest smartphones.

An article in USA Today chronicled this rise in demand and shortage of vehicles on dealer lots. According to the article, the average car has been staying on the lot for about 30 days, half of what is considered normal. Manufacturers aren’t stepping up their production for fear of oversupply. However, dealers are in short supply of some of their most popular models.

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Acting like a match-making site of sorts, individuals get matched up based on their preferences and needs. Drivers looking to exit their lease are matched up with someone willing to take it over.  Just as people look to have the latest smartphones on the market, makes the trade-up process for your vehicle much easier. Don’t worry about inventory at a car dealer; just check out for the car you’ve been looking for.

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