Driving Down the Cost of Summer Driving: 10 Ways to Save on Gas

cost of summer drivingGas prices are often the highest of the year during summer — the same time of year that people tend to drive the most. To help you limit the cost of summer driving, here are 10 ways you can save on gas.

  1. Buy at the right times. Pay attention to which days of the week tend to have the lowest gas prices, and fill up then. Fuel up in the mornings, when it’s cooler and less gas will evaporate.
  2. Find the cheapest stations. And yes, there’s an app for that. But make sure you don’t burn extra fuel driving to a remote station.
  3. Utilize credit card discounts. Some cards give a few percentage points back on fuel purchases.
  4. Get a rewards card. Some stations, especially those at grocery stores, will give you discounts for having a rewards card. These cards themselves are free.
  5. Combine trips. By running all your errands at once, you can reduce the number of miles you drive.
  6. Maintain your vehicle. A clean, well-oiled machine will get better mileage.
  7. Drive slower. For highway driving, keeping it under the speed limit will help you limit the cost of summer driving. Accelerating slowly from in-town stoplights will also help you save gas.
  8. Get exercise. You can walk or bike to that corner store for free. Besides, very short trips produce the worst fuel economy and create more wear and tear on your vehicle.
  9. Work from home. If available, this allows you to cut out commuting entirely. Besides saving gas, the time and stress you save could help you be more productive.
  10. Carpool. Dividing up the expense of your commute can help you and your office mates reduce the cost of summer driving.

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