Driving Over Age 65: Is It Time For Dad To Hang Up The Keys?

driving over age 65There comes a time in the lives of many people when it is no longer wise to be operating a vehicle. Determining when it is time to retire from the road can be a difficult decision, though.

And the problem is growing as our population continues to mature: The number of American drivers age 65 years and older has risen 20 percent in just the last 10 years. And about 5,500 people who are driving over the age of 65 are killed in automobile accidents each year.

So how can you know whether you or someone you love needs to hang up the keys?

  • First, try not to focus on age. Driving over age 65 is not the problem; the problem is driving when your physical or mental abilities are no longer up to the task. That decline could happen at age 55 or age 95.
  • Try riding as a passenger to observe the person’s driving. It will give you a clearer picture of how well he can still drive. You might be able to pick up on shortcomings that he cannot see himself.
  • If necessary, get an unbiased outside opinion from a doctor or occupational therapist.
  • Consider whether a change in driving habits could reduce the risks of driving over age 65. For example, because night vision declines with age, it might be wise to limit driving after dark.
  • See if technology could help overcome the driver’s limitations. Some modern safety features, such as pre-collision systems and blind-spot monitoring, can warn of unseen dangers or actively avoid accidents.The solution for driving over age 65 may be as simple as trading in a car for a model with more advanced safety features

When it is time to hang up the keys, you can make the transition easier by coming up with a plan for alternative transportation. Retiring from driving should not mean having to stay home.

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