Eco-Driving: Extend Your Mileage, Shrink Your Carbon Footprint

extend your mileage with eco-drivingWith today’s high gasoline and diesel prices, lingering uncertainty about the economy and concerns about air pollution, most people are interested in ways to save fuel. 

And while getting a newer car might be the biggest and most obvious way to conserve fuel, there are ways to extend your mileage, regardless of what vehicle you drive. Eco-driving is the practice of changing your driving habits to extend your mileage to the utmost limits of your car’s capabilities.

You can become an eco-driver by following these tips:

  • Don’t speed: The fuel economy of most vehicles decreases above 50 or 60 mph. Though a higher speed allows you to cover more miles per hour, it also costs you more cents per mile.
  • Accelerate slowly: Accelerating slowly uses less fuel than accelerating quickly, even if you end up going the same speed at the end.
  • Coast to a stop: Once your car has built up momentum, it can keep rolling for some distance without using much fuel. Braking, however, wastes that momentum. Unless you have a hybrid that recaptures the energy lost through braking, you are better off slowing down sooner and minimizing your need for brakes.
  • Shift at a lower RPM: If your engine is running slower, it will use less fuel than if it is running at a high RPM. If you have a manual transmission, shift to a higher gear earlier (at around 2,000 RPM) to extend your mileage as much as possible.
  • Don’t idle: If you are going to be stopped for more than a minute, turn off the engine. Idling burns fuel without getting you even an inch farther down the road.
  • Plan ahead. Figure out the shortest or most efficient route, and check traffic reports to avoid fuel-wasting congestion. And don’t wait until the last minute; leaving earlier and having more time to reach your destination allows you to drive slower and put these other tips into practice.

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