Electric Vehicles and the Used Car Market

Electric vehicles have steadily grown in popularity and appealed to many drivers, however the cost has not always made EVs available to all. What’s more as technology continues to advance, the price of EVs have similarly increased. However, as the stock of the used car market increases drivers are now able to own electric vehicles at a lower price.

A recent article in WRAL.com talked about how the EVs currently coming off of leases will enter the used car market and will therefore be more affordable for consumers. President Obama set a goal for 1 million electric vehicles by 2020 but the cost of producing and owning an EV is not something drivers are automatically drawn to. What’s more, as gas prices have decreased from a few years ago there has been an increase in SUV purchases.

However, as EVs come off leases and enter the used car market consumers are now able to drive environmentally friendly cars, up to a third of the original price according to the article. For individuals who have always wanted to drive an EV, there might be an even more cost-effective way to get into your dream car.

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