Enjoy The Perks Of New Tech Without Buying A New Car

So you’ve experienced new tech in your best friend’s ride in the passenger side and thinking you need a new car to get those features. What if I told you that you can get those same features in your current car without breaking the bank…keep on reading on what aftermarket products you can install in your car.

* Head-Up Displays (HUD)

With the advancement of technology in cars, some have the luxury of having an HUD. It is a projection coming from a transparent screen that sits on your dashboard and projects in front of your windshield. You can look straight ahead and see your speed, mileage and any warnings, all at eye-level. This feature can be bought from $100 to $300.

* Seat Heating and Seat Cooling

If you want your body to warm up in an instant when it’s cold out, aftermarket seats with heating benefit you and your passenger. You can find a few slap on seat covers with these features in Bed, Bad, and Beyond for less than $50!

* Bluetooth System

Trying not to get pulled over by the police for talking on your cellphone. You can have a Bluetooth system installed for around $150 or less. With your phone connected to Bluetooth, you can pick up calls and speak hands-free! Warning: You will look like you are talking to yourself.

* Parking Sensors and Rearview Camera

You find yourself in small parking spots and can’t really see how close you are getting to other cars and when you leave you can’t see if you are clear to reverse. Luckily, it is easy with parking sensors and a rearview camera! The system can be installed with a small box that beeps and let’s you know if you are getting ay too close to objects and the camera reduces your blind zone by 90%! You can find aftermarket sensors for as low as $35 and rearview cameras from $150 or less.

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