Exiting Your Car Lease Properly

So you have been with your leased car for a long while and the time has come.

Around the 45 to 60-day mark, before your car lease ends, it is the time to decide what you want to do with your leased car. If you are unsure of what to do at the end of a car lease, here are five options available.

  1. Return your leased car to lessor: You have the option to return your leased car to the lending company and end your lease officially and taking the car off your hands.
  2. Buy-Out-Car: Do you really like the car you leased and want to buy it to have forever? Well, you can. When you buy-out your car, it will cost you the “residual” amount, the value set in the lease.
  3. Extending Lease: Do you need a couple more days or months with your leased car until you have another vehicle to use? You may extend the lease for a limited amount of time for the same monthly rate (typically).
  4. Re-Leasing: So you want to keep the same car but don’t want to buy it or figure out how to extend your lease. You can re-lease the car, but as a used-car lease instead. You can possibly get a better deal this way!
  5. Stay With Company: Throughout the duration of your lease, you really have enjoyed how the company has handled your lease. At the end of your lease, you want to lease again, but you want a different car. You can trade in the car you leased and get a new lease and a new car.

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