Fantastic Car Features



Cars may drive themselves in the future but in the meantime there are some other pretty cool innovations that are making cars more interactive and safe. Car companies are teaming up with tech companies to bring drivers the most advanced car experiences in the world. From the techy to the practical all car advances are welcome here.


It is easy to get distracted while driving. Drivers want to look at their phones, play with the radio station or maybe even day dream. But driving while distracted can lead to serious car accidents. According to the CDC 9 people die every day from distracted driving. Jaguar wants to lower that number. The Jaguar F-Type has a special distraction-monitoring system developed by the Australian based technology firm, Seeing Machines. This system alerts the driver if the program finds that he or she is distracted, drowsy, or otherwise not paying attention to the road. This safety feature would be great in cars that will be driven by the younger generation who tend to try to multitask.


New safety features are always great but what if your car could help you out even when you are not in it? Volvo is trying to turn your car into a mailbox. The automobile maker is testing a system that will allow delivery men to access your car’s trunk to drop off packages and then lock up and send you a notification to your smartphone when the delivery is complete. It is ideas like this that are integrating our cars into every aspect of our lives. But don’t expect all your Amazon goodies to get dropped off at your car just yet, this service will mostly take several years before it is put to use.


If you are more impressed with technology than novelty features then check this out. Volkswagen is developing a system that will allow the driver to control various aspects of the car like the windows, sunroof and air-conditioning. With this technology the driver will not have to move their focus off the road and onto trying to roll back the sun roof or adjust the car’s temperature. The gestures will be picked up by a 3-D camera mounted near the front of the car.


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