Ferrari Releases 2 New Models, One with-out a Windshield

Ferrari debuted two new models at the Paris Motor Show, one of which does not have a windshield.  The models are both modern with carbon fiber skin and the fastest V-12 engine Ferrari has ever offered.  One of which is capable of hitting 125 miles an hour in under 8 seconds.  The two models are part of a new operation the Italian automakers is launching, and it will focus on bringing back the classic design concepts found in the past.

It’s part of the new strategy Ferrari has launched since the company went public in 2015, adding a variety of new models to help boost demand. The cars will be exclusive, with plans to build only 499 models.  Ferrari will only sell these to their best customers and collectors, meaning it’s by invitation only.  The two models are almost identical, while one version only holds one passenger and the other may hold two.

The super-light and ultra-strong carbon fiber bodies replace the hand-rolled and hammered aluminum that was the norm among exotic automakers in the years after World War II. That reduces weight, improves performance, and improves safety.

The models are unique in the fact that is neither have a windscreen.  Instead, the cars rely on a concept called “Virtual Wind Shield” which uses aerodynamic tricks to route air around occupants. Though modeled after classic race cars, Ferrari claims the SP1 and SP2 will be street legal. It remains uncertain if the cars, sans windshields, will be approved by U.S. regulators, however. They might require some modifications, or the use of helmets.

Speculation is that the vehicle will run between $2 million and $3 million dollars.