Finding the Right Family Car

A family car is the vehicle that transports kids to school, parents to work, kids to soccer practice and ballet and occasionally makes the long-haul for a family road trip. Having a vehicle that can meet the needs of each member of the family is important.


A family car can come in many different shapes and sizes depending on the needs of the family (feels like you’ve said the same thing about needs for three straight sentences). For a long time minivans were the epitome of the family vehicle. But now, the standard for a family car could be anything from a SUV to a full-size sedan to a truck. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a vehicle to be your family car:


Safety Features:

Driver assistant technology is becoming more important in cars across all segments. Examples of safety features with driver assistance are blind-spot monitoring, automatic breaking sensors, forward and rear collision warning systems, and adaptive cruise control. These features take safety to a whole other level and help eliminate some of the human error that causes accidents to happen on the road.


Fuel Efficiency:

For families who are constantly on the go, a car that is good on gas is a must. Take some eco-friendly cars into consideration such as the hybrid versions of the Ford Fusion and the Hyundai Sonata.


A good family car depends on what you and your family are specially looking for. But keeping in mind the above factors will help you make a smart decision. For a great variety of vehicles at great prices, check out is an online marketplace that allows drivers to list their current lease and helps match them with buyers looking to take over the remainder of that lease. Both parties get what they’re looking for all with the convenience of online shopping.


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