Five Common Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Car

Look at price, negotiate, smile at price, sign papers, and you are done! Not to crazy when buying a car but there are often things that are overlooked. Here are five common mistakes to avoid and things to keep in mind when you decide to buy a car.

Focusing Too Much On The Price

Say you are buying a used car, you know you can get a great deal but is it worth it? How many miles have been put on it? What is the condition of the car? Focus on getting a car that fits your needs and is able to run without too many hiccups. If you are looking for a new car, look into the miles per gallon, what falls under warranty, etc.

Not Understanding Financing Terms

Sometimes, you can be so excited in buying a car that when the financing terms are brought you, you just nod your head and sign the paperwork without really understanding what you just signed. Don’t give all the attention to just the sticker price. Read everything through. The wrong loan can cost you more than what you thought you would be saving.

Time and Money Not Being Valued

Keep in mind the good ol’ “time is money”. Let me clarify:

* The more you window car shop instead of, let’s say, working because you took the day off, the money you could have made could have went towards a car.

* When you get your paycheck, you pay your bills and buy groceries, etc. If you spend too long waiting on buying a car, you can find yourself using the extra money you could have been saving on things that you don’t really need. Set yourself a goal on how much to put to the side and by what time in the year you should reach that goals.

Yes, please DO take your time! You want to make the right decision in this long investment, but don’t drag it out too long. You want to make a smart decision for financial reasons and to get what fits your desires and needs.

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