Four Tips to Spring-Cleaning Your Car

Spring is finally here; dispersing the chilly days of winter. Along with warmer weather, spring brings the phenomenon of “spring-cleaning.”  While spring-cleaning is often associated with the deep-cleaning of a house or room, the practice can also be applied to vehicles. Car owners can bring spring-cleaning to their car and have it ready for activities ranging from a family road trip to their daily commute with four simple tips.

Here are Four Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Car:

Don’t Forget the Trunk: Spring is the best time to start anew, and the best way to start anew with vehicles is to clean out the trunk. The trunk is a vehicle amenity that is often taken for granted. Car owners seem to not utilize the space provided and haphazardly throw a number of items into the back; ranging from long-forgotten moving boxes to beach chairs. Car owners should take the time to remove these items and divide them into two categories: necessary items and unnecessary items. Some necessary items that should stay in the trunk are tool kits, flashlights, and spare tires. Some unnecessary items that should leave the trunk are clothing, groceries, and leftover trash.

No More Crumbs, No More Dirt: It’s inevitable, whether it’s through eating a fast-food meal or clambering into the car with muddy shoes, the interior of a vehicle will get dirty. It may not seem too noticeable at first, but after awhile it can be an eyesore. Even worse, it could attract multiple unwanted pests or bugs. To prevent this from happening, car owners should wipe down the interior of their vehicle and follow up with a vacuum to make sure no spec of dirt or crumb is left behind.

Center Console Declutter: Similar to the trunk, car owners seem to stick items into the center console and forget them; leaving a cluttered mess. In the spirit of spring-cleaning to venture and transform places rarely touched, the center console should be one of them. With a clean center console, car owners have the benefit of more storage and more organization.

Make it Sparkle: In the winter months, it is common for a vehicle to take a lot of wear and tear from the elements. During that time, a vehicle may be covered in dirt, snow or salt from the road. However, now it is spring and the last thing any car owner wants to see is a filthy car. Take the time to wash a vehicle, rid it of any unappealing grim, and make it sparkle. If a car owner feels exceptionally motivated, they can put a little wax on their vehicle to give it that extra shine.