Gadgets Galore

With the rapidly advancing technology that we are so used to today, there is no surprise about some of the crazy new car features that are in the works. However, it’s the extra add-on car accessories that are blowing our mind.

All supplementary car accessories may not necessarily be technology related, but they are all revolutionary and going after one goal; to make your driving experience the best it can be.

Check out some of the coolest gadgets that are available for your car today:

  1. Navdy Car HUD: a device that connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth and projects the information from your phone onto the road.  Although using a phone while driving is never the best idea, this gadget will help keep driver’s eyes on the road and away from their screens.
  2. FenSens Wireless Parking Sensor: a device that comes in the form of a license plate frame and connects to your smartphone via an app.  This app will detect when you are backing up and help you park in some of the tightest spots.  It will also provide beeps, visual display, and vibration feedback as you get close to an object.
  3. The No Blind Spot Rear View Mirror: a rearview mirror that reduces blind spots.  This will give drivers more visibility and capability of knowing exactly what is going on around them as they navigate roads.
  4. The GPS Homing Device: a portable GPS that helps you locate your vehicle.  With this device, drivers will never be walking around parking lots aimlessly ever again.
  5. Drop Stop: a device that prevents items from falling in between the front seat of your car and the middle console.  With the drop stop, you will no longer need to worry about getting your phone stuck in between the seats and having to struggle to get it back.
  6. FOBO Bluetooth Smart Tire Pressure Monitoring System: a device that monitors real-time tire pressure and temperatures and allows users to access the data via a smartphone app.  In addition, the product has a two-level theft deterrent locking system.

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