Getting The Right Car Insurance: Your 10-Step Strategy

getting the right car insuranceCar insurance these days is not difficult to find, as there are a multitude of insurance companies and agents eager to get your business. Getting the right car insurance, however, may require a bit of research. 

Below is a 10-step strategy to make sure you are getting the right car insurance with the best rate and service available.

  1. Determine which types of insurance you need. The law only requires liability insurance, which basically covers everyone except you — and your vehicle. Collision insurance covers your own vehicle in an accident, and comprehensive insurance covers damage from flood, fire, storms and theft. When you’re leasing, the lease company may require certain types of insurance.
  2. Decide how much coverage you want. There are minimum coverage levels that you have to buy, but you may want higher coverage to better protect you and your assets from expensive legal claims.
  3. Look over your current policy. Know the details of what you have, so you can compare it to new offers.
  4. Know your driving record. If you have past traffic tickets or points on your license that are about to drop off your record, you can save money by waiting until they are gone before getting quotes.
  5. Search for quotes online. Many (though not all) companies allow you to get quick quotes online.
  6. Call for quotes. Some companies work through local insurance agents, and some have the option of either going online or talking to an agent. Note that prices from a single company may vary, depending on whether the quote is online or by phone.
  7. Ask about discounts. You may save money if you are a safe driver or work in certain professions.
  8. Research the company. Check reviews, and ask friends or family, to make sure the company is sound and provides good service.
  9. Read the fine print. Make sure you understand the details and are truly getting the right car insurance.
  10. Cancel your old policy. This is the final step, and should wait until after you have new coverage.

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