Good Old Fashioned Fun

Driverless cars are a popular topic in the automotive industry. The technology makes it seem like the future is really upon us and tech geeks all over the world are rejoicing. No more road rage, no more having to deal with annoying stop and go traffic, you could just sit back and enjoy the ride. But are automated automobiles taking the fun out of driving? What happened to the thrill of driving for the first time on your 16th birthday? And what about the relaxation you feel when cruising down a scenic highway? These feelings might very well be things of the past in the near future.


Well, not everyone is all for the driverless trend. Some people like the control that driving gives them and the adrenaline rush that accelerating down the road delivers. In honor of those who still like to drive the old-fashion way here’s a few cars that made it onto the “Most Fun to Drive” list by


  • Mercedes-Benz SLK: this car was one of the first automobiles to start the trend of a hardtop convertible roof but that’s not all it’s got. Firm steering and 201 horsepower makes you feel like you are driving a racecar!
  • Porsche Boxster: this car embodies everything that a convertible should be, small, sporty and fast.
  • Mini Cooper S: the mini cooper is a lightweight car with plenty of power. The four cylinder engine delivers plenty of horse power and fuel efficient as well.
  • Chevrolet Corvette Stingray: this car is F-A-S-T. With 445- horsepower and a V8 it’s no wonder car fanatics love to drive this car.


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