Goodbye Dealerships, Hello Online Car Shopping

It is apparent that the internet is quickly converting in-person shopping experiences to virtual ones. Car buying is no exception. More and more people are turning to their computers instead of car dealerships when it comes to purchasing a new ride. Without the need for a salesperson, people can take their buying into their own hands which a lot of people like and how could you blame them? Making trip after trip to compare the prices and offers at multiple dealerships can be monotonous. People would rather stay in the comfort of their home or office and browse the web for their next set of wheels.  According to an article in Time magazine, 94% of consumers research cars that they are interested in buying online and about a third of those consumers would be comfortable purchasing the car online too. So with the majority of the population favoring online transactions, will the old-school car dealership become obsolete?

Only time will tell but in the meantime some dealerships are trying to adapt to the shift in buying technique. Some even offering special prices that can only be accessed online. As said in Autoblog in a post, while this technique has helped get some people interested in the car dealerships again “dealers have reported a loss in their ability to create long-term customer relationships, and fewer opportunities to sell maintenance and extended warranty contracts”. It is a sad time to be a car salesman but a good time to be a consumer.

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