Graduating to a Better Car

During the start of summer new college graduates are ready to break out into the real world and leave their childhood in the past. This means applying for new jobs, moving to new places and sometimes getting new cars. Sure, the hand-me-down car that your sister, brother, and maybe even father drove as their first car was good enough to get around campus, but now some students may be looking into getting newer, safer, and fuel-efficient upgrades.

Now most college students are still having to pay off student loans and work minimum wage jobs while trying to begin their new career, so finding the right car at the right price is very important. Forbes magazine suggests that recent grads seek out nice pre-owned vehicles. A later model of a car that is well taken care of can be a great first “adult” car for anyone tight on cash.

Another great option for young people interested in upgrading their current vehicle is The online marketplace allows consumers to take over their remainder of the lease of other people all over the U.S. This provides people with the ability to try out a car they are interested without the long term commitment. With leasing sometimes being a more affordable option than purchasing, recent graduates can drive the latest model of the fancy car without the fancy price.

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