An In-Depth Guide to In-Dash Navigation Systems

in-dash navigation systemsIn-dash navigation systems are available on many new or late-model cars. Most popular luxury models include in-dash navigation systems as standard equipment and combine them with audio controls and other applications to create a single, multipurpose “infotainment” screen.

Since this technology has become such a big part of the driving experience, it’s worth taking into account differences between the systems when comparing lease vehicles. The features of these navigation systems vary widely, so you’ll want to compare each system’s options:

  • Screen – In-dash screens can be as small as a smartphone or as large as a laptop. Overall visibility is important, especially if the navigation screen is used for other functions, such as a back-up camera. And if the system is controlled by a touch screen, make sure it’s within easy and safe reach.
  • Graphics – Check out how the screen displays maps. Some have the option of a 3-D display that gives a more detailed and realistic view of the route ahead.
  • Voice controls – Besides giving you directions out loud, many in-dash navigation systems can hear and understand voice commands. This allows you to keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.
  • Route options – Some systems give you more flexibility when choosing a route, allowing you to specify the shortest route or the fastest route, or allowing you to set up a “geo-fence” around parts of town you want to avoid. And some allow you to enter in multiple destinations and find the shortest route that connects them all, a feature that can save you fuel and time when running errands.
  • Data storage and updating – The map data for in-dash navigation systems is often stored on an internal hard drive but may require periodic updates from a DVD or SD card. These updates don’t always come cheap, so you should consider such future expenses when comparing models.

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