Hitting the Road with Your Pet? 5 Essential Travel Tips

hitting the road with your petHitting the road with your pet adds another layer of considerations and possible complications to your travel plans. Keeping both you and your pet happy on a long trip requires a little bit of planning. 
Here are five essential tips you should follow when hitting the road with your pet.

  1. Make sure your pet carries identification. If your pet does end up getting lost when far away from home, the odds of them finding their own way back home Hollywood-style are slim. Put your contact information, including your mobile phone number, on the animal’s collar. Having your vet implant an identification microchip is also a good idea, in case the collar comes off.
  2. Use short trips for practice. If your pet doesn’t have experience riding in the car, start by taking some short trips around town to get them used to the idea. They will then not be as stressed about riding along on a longer road trip.
  3. Keep them in a pet carrier. Humans have to wear seat belts while in the car; it makes sense for pets to likewise be restrained. A familiar crate can help them stay calm and will keep them from getting in the way of your driving.
  4. Give them small meals. Animals can get carsick, so it’s best for them if they do not have a full stomach while on the road. You can feed them fully once you get to the day’s destination.
  5. Give them breaks. Stop regularly to let your pets out of the car for a pit stop and a quick walk. Stopping for a break every two or three hours might slow down your progress a little, but will keep everyone healthier and happier. It also allows you to keep to their regular feeding or walking schedule, which helps them stay calm.

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