How Taking the Time to Drive Safely Can Save you Money on Gas

As a car owner, the price of gas is always on our minds. We are constantly trying different ways to find the best deal possible, whether it be through a gas app or even driving the extra mile to the gas station you know will be cheaper. The fluctuating prices of gas are confusing, and most of us cannot explain why the prices are constantly going up and down. But what if we told you, you do not need to worry about the gas prices as much as you are. There are simple ways that we can reduce the amount of gas you use while driving. The below tips will not only save you the gas money but will also ensure a safer driving experience.

Here are some tips on how to reduce the amount of gas our cars intake

1. Slow down and drive steady: Driving fast can be fun and exhilarating. But driving fast can lead to increased drag which increases fuel consumption. Driving the actual speed limit and staying at a steady speed will use gas more efficiently.

2. Monitor when and how you break: Some of us are heavy on the gas petal, while others are constantly riding the breaks. Braking excessively wastes gas and causes your brake pads to wear down sooner.

3. Keep the windows rolled up: You might not realize it but driving with the windows down wastes quite a bit of gas. This all has to do with eliminating wind resistance. Wind resistance in your vehicle once again increases the drag making it so more fuel is being used.

4. Gradually accelerate: When you gradually accelerate making your way up to speed, you are saving more on gas. Even though punching the gas will get you to the speed limit faster, it will burn up more fuel.

5. Do not carry unnecessary weight in your car: Sometimes it is impossible to avoid this. But each pound of excessive weight that you remove from your vehicle means the usage of less gas.

6. Keep up with general car maintenance: It is not only important to keep up with car maintain for safety purposes, but it could also save you money on gas. Sometimes we do not realize there is an issue because its minor but doing monthly checks on your engine could potentially save you money on gas if there is a problem.