Hybrid Cars: Better for the Environment, Better for Your Wallet

It is commonly thought that it is more expensive to buy a hybrid or environmentally friendly car that to buy a standard car. Usually, hybrid and low-emissions vehicle cost more due to their unique features. But according to a new study, when operating and maintenance costs of the vehicle are considered, hybrid cars might actually be cheaper.

Because vehicles most environmentally friendly and hybrid cars aim to cut back on their emission, they are actually saving the driver more money on purchasing gas.

Additionally, many hybrid cars, SUV’s and trucks allow the driver to receive a federal tax credit. This credit provides the driver a dollar-for-dollar tax reduction just for driving a hybrid vehicle. The thought behind this is that this tax credit will offer an incentive for people to buy more environmentally friendly car. Thus, reducing the emissions put out by all car on the road.

But there is a catch. Credits for hybrid cars without external battery changing capability are no longer offered as of 2010. Because hybrids gained popularity in the past few years, incentives were not as necessary as they once were to convince people to drive them.

If you are curious about buying a hybrid and would like to know if you are eligible for a state incentive click here.

Drivers of hybrid vehicles might also pay less for insurance. Some insurance companies think that people who driver environmentally friendly cars have a lower risk of being in an accident and therefore offer them lower rates.

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