Infiniti To Delay Production Of New Models

Infiniti recently announced there will be a delay to start the production of its QX55 by five months. The original projected date was supposed to be in the beginning in June. Now the date has been now moved to November of 2020. Nissan’s North America’s manufacturing team in Aguascalientes, Mexico sent out a letter to its suppliers dated January13th to inform them about the change of date. The letter vaguely disclosed that the plant needed “to ensure production capability.” A U.S. spokesman for Infiniti did not expand on the situation, except this was noted in the letter “from the production facility to supplies, operational efficiencies drive projects to move- sometimes forward, sometimes backward- as we progress toward the start of production of a new model.”

The Infiniti QX55, like the QX50, will also be assembled at the $1.4 billion joint-venture Aguascalientes plant co-owned by Nissan and Daimler. The inspiring first-generation FX performance crossover influenced the designs for the QX55. Even though the models QX55 and QX50 share similar design elements, there are some differences between the two such as the fascia and the grille has a new sporty design. The QX55’s audience targets mostly couples and singles who are willing to give up some space for style in return.

The coupe-like derivative is a low investment way to try and get interest from new customers into the brand. The launch of the model QX50 did not have a very successful launch. Executives held the QX50 at high steaks because it was considered to be the brand’s most important product since the original Q45 luxury sedan three decades ago. The model was unsuccessful and failed to gain market traction. U.S. sales of the crossover decreased 27 percent last year. Last year the brand’s management recognized that the QX50 was not launched with the correct configurations.