Instagram Worthy Wheels

Instagram has taken the world by storm since its birth in 2010. People post about every aspect of their lives and can achieve celebrity status as a result of it. Cars are no exception.


People love to show off their vehicles and all the places that they can take them in life. Instagram turns a picture of a car into instant art and the drivers themselves, in to artists. So which cars are the most “Insta-famous”?


According to Auto Insurance Center, the most popular cars to post to Instagram in the United States are BMW’s. The German car brand is most popular in the state of Florida, California, Oregon, Georgia, and Kansas. No surprise that a luxury car brand is the most posted car on the popular social media app.


In second place, an American classic, Jeep. Jeeps are most often posted about in the state of Texas, Arizona, North Carolina and Colorado. These vehicles are known for their boxy features and their ability to handle off-road terrain.


Third place goes to a highly coveted brand, Ferrari. These cars are built for speed and are loved by car fanatics all over. The Ferrari took center stage in states such as New York, Illinois and Washington.


The top 10 most posted car brands on Instagram in the U.S. are:

  1. BMW
  2. Jeep
  3. Ferrari
  4. Porsche
  5. Nissan
  6. Toyota
  7. Lamborghini
  8. Ford
  9. Dodge
  10. Audi


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