Is Your iPhone Your Next Car Key?

Apple has recently released data that its new digital “CarKey” will work on the 2021 BMW 5-series first, with other cars coming later. The announcement excited developers and consumers at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. Apple plans to attract drivers with the feature due to its ease and simplicity.

Instead of carrying an additional item on the daily, drivers will be able to simply grab their iPhones and start their drives. This will come as a function of the new iOS 14 technology.

For the BMW, the setup will take place in the BMW app. The app will allow users to open car doors and start vehicles, operating as a compact version of a car-key. This digital key uses near-field communication technology so that drivers can unlock and start their cars, then place the phone in any section of the car and maintain the ability to drive. Drivers will need to utilize Face ID or Touch ID, just as they do when unlocking their personal iPhone.

Notably, BMW assures drivers that the key will operate for five hours after the phone battery dies, so long road trips with an unexpectedly broken or forgotten charger will not alter the ride. Apple also assured drivers that the ability to disable the CarKey function for certain drivers from the phone is possible. If a phone goes missing, the vehicle’s access can also be disabled. The app simply works as a device on the individual’s iCloud account.

Apple is developing a way to standardize then technology so that it can work with auto-industry groups across the globe. The future of the car key could very well be on mobile phones! Due to its compatibility and simplicity, it provides an exciting alternative to a standard car key