7 Issues That Can Void Your Car Warranty

car warrantyOne of the benefits of assuming a car lease is that the vehicle is usually going to be under warranty. When combined with the right insurance, that means you’ll never face any unexpected repair bills.

That is, of course, unless you do something that would void your car warranty. There are seven issues that could cause all or part of a car warranty to be voided, leaving you stuck paying for repairs.

Issues that void your warranty

  1. Misuse – If you use your car for something it’s not designed to do, the manufacturer won’t have to cover any resulting damage. Misuse can involve exceeding its maximum weight or tow ratings, racing or driving a car off-road.
  2. Tampering with the odometer – If the odometer reading has been changed or the odometer has been disconnected or replaced, there’s no longer any proof that the car is still within the maximum warranty mileage.
  3. Neglect – If the car hasn’t had regular maintenance according to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule, the warranty for the neglected parts can be voided.
  4. Using the wrong fluids – If you fill the engine with used motor oil or fill the gas tank with diesel, any resulting damage won’t be covered by the car warranty.
  5. Modifications – If you add performance modifications to your vehicle or replace something with an aftermarket part that doesn’t come from the same manufacturer, those parts (and any damage caused by those parts) will generally not be covered.
  6. Acts of God – Fire, flood, storm or earthquake damage won’t be covered. And even if you do repair the damage, the car warranty itself may no longer cover any future unrelated repairs.
  7. Getting totaled – If the car’s wrecked and declared a total loss, it will no longer be covered under warranty, even if it’s repaired and stays on the road. That’s one reason you should check the VIN of any car you’re considering and make sure that it doesn’t have a salvaged title.

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