Keeping Your Car Cool as the Weather Warms Up

keeping your car coolWith the heat of summer looming on the horizon, keeping your car cool will soon become one of your main driving concerns. 

Unfortunately, after a winter of non-use, some drivers will hit warm weather and discover that their car’s air conditioning system is no longer working properly. The problem could be something minor, such as a small leak, or may require more expensive repairs.

Refrigerant charge

Refrigerant is the pressurized gas that makes all kinds of air conditioning and refrigeration possible. To produce a cooling effect, the refrigerant must have a high enough pressure, or charge. If some of the refrigerant leaks out and therefore lowers the pressure inside the A/C system, it will have a difficult time keeping your car cool.

Most reliable repair shops can check the refrigerant pressure and can add more refrigerant to the system, if needed. The only way for the pressure to be low, though, is if there’s a leak. A dye can be added to the refrigerant to identify where it’s leaking so the problem can be fixed.

Replacing A/C components
If the leak is due to a deteriorated hose, the repair won’t be too expensive. If the leak is within the compressor, though, or the radiator-like evaporator or condenser, the replacement parts can be costly.

If the A/C isn’t keeping your car cool even with a full refrigerant charge, odds are you need a new compressor. And if no air’s coming from the vents at all, the blower motor will probably need to be replaced.

Keeping your car cool when parked
Since the air conditioner doesn’t run unless the car’s running, the interior of a parked car can get extremely hot. To prevent this, it’s best to park in the shade or use a window sunshade to keep the sun’s rays out. You may also want to shade the steering wheel, or any other surfaces that tend to get hot to the touch, by covering them with a white towel.

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