Why Leasing a Car Makes More Sense Than Buying

leasing a carIn today’s car market, more people than ever are leasing a car rather than buying one. Leasing has become popular because, for many people, leasing a car simply makes more sense. In fact, there are many reasons why leasing is often the best route to take.

  • It’s cheaper. Price is always going to be a major factor in any automotive decision. And in most cases, leasing a car results in lower monthly payments than financing and buying that same vehicle.
  • You can drive a nicer car. That’s one corollary to having cheaper monthly payments: You can afford to drive the car that’s right for you. This is one reason why so many luxury vehicles are leased.
  • You can drive a newer car. Lease terms are usually for a shorter period of time than financing terms, so you never drive a vehicle that’s more than a few years old.
  • You can change vehicles more often. Besides lease terms being relatively short, you can transfer into or out of a lease at almost any time. This means you aren’t stuck with a long-term commitment.
  • You don’t have to worry about depreciation. Since you don’t actually own the car, it does not matter if the used car market goes down and the car’s resale value ends up being lower than expected. You’re insulated from such risk. And if the market value of the car ends up being unexpectedly high at the end of the lease, you can also benefit. The residual value is negotiated when initially leasing a car, so you could choose to buy the car after the lease for a lower-than-market price.
  • You don’t have to worry about repairs and maintenance. Lease vehicles are almost always under warranty, and the best car leases even include free maintenance.

If you have any questions about car leasing, please contact us at Swapalease.com. We’ve pioneered the lease transfer market for the last 14 years and would be happy to help make leasing a car more convenient and affordable for you.

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