Lower Used Car Prices Because of Leases Being Returned

Used car sales have been steadily rising this past year as the economy and automotive industry continue to recover and stabilize. When the Great Recession hit, some used cars were selling for as much as some new vehicles. However, used car prices have significantly lowered and dealers are offering some great deals on these vehicles.

An article in CBS News reported that used car prices have fallen for five straight months. Why has this been happening? As new car prices continue their steady climb and leased vehicles are being returned, used car prices have been falling. Dealers must find ways to market and sell these newly returned vehicles.

Although used car prices have steadily fallen, drivers looking for a shorter-term solution assuming a lease might be the best option. Assuming someone else’s lease through places like Swapalease.com can save time and money. Swapalease.com is the largest online lease trade marketplace, helping individuals exit their lease early.

By offering drivers the option to exit their lease early and have someone else take it over, Swapalease.com helps you get into the car you really want to be driving. Their website has all makes and models as well as some really great incentives. You upgrade your cell phone every time a new model comes out, why not do the same with your car?

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