Mercedes to Discontinue the Production of its X-class Pick-Up Truck

Mercedes-Benz will no longer produce its X-Class pickup, which was created to expand Mercedes global reach of commercial vehicles. The vehicle was first launched in 2017 in competition with other brands carrying similar body styles such as the Volkswagen Amarok, Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux. The goal was to compete in the midsize pickup market, which is projected to grow to 3.2 million units in the next 10 years. However, buyers were not prepared to pay the high price tag that came with the vehicle.

In its first year, global sales of the X-Class were just around 16.700 in Europe, Australia and South Africa. According to Mercedes, about 10,000 of those were sold in the first nine months. In the United States, the X-Class was never introduced, despite a stronger demand for full-size pickups. Mercedes’ light commercial vehicles unit said it will end production at its plant in Barcelona, Spain by June.

A representative from Mercedes noted, “It has been decided that from the end of May 2020, we will no longer produce this relatively young model.” However a spokesperson for Mercedes-Benz Vans said customers were able to still order an X class to their specific configuration until February 11.

The X Class was created to help grow the Mercedes-Benz brand of vans. Mercedes gave the X Class more complex and expensive features usually found in passenger cars compared with its rivals, the Navara and the Renault Alaskan. The future production of the X Class was put into question last year when Mercedes released the plans to build the vehicle in Argentina in addition to its current location in Barcelona.

Buyers in South America are unwilling to pay the high prices needed to maintain local production, meaning Australia and South Africa are the only two markets that have demand for the vehicle. Market researchers JATO Dynamics had said the X class would be challenging to sell in Europe where customers consider to be work vehicles and prefer smaller cars. Volkswagen’s Amarok has similar problems as well, and will model its future based on sales of the Ford Ranger.