Millennials and the Future of Car Buying

As Baby Boomers and Gen Y continue to age, car manufacturers and dealers must find a way to reach Millennials. As this demographic continues to grow, their buying power and influence will be critical for car makers to acquire.

Millennials are emerging as one of the largest demographics, and will soon become influential decision makers and take up the bulk of the purchasing power. A recent CNBC article reported the importance of marketing to Millennials as they venture into adult life. Though they’re making major decisions later on in life, they will soon be the driving force in the economy.

Now that we’re in an age where we want the latest and greatest all the time, Millennials are leading this charge, particularly when it comes to car shopping. Gone are the days of holding onto the same car for ten years. According to Experian, the average length of ownership has fallen below 65 months, which means most people today get a new car every 4-5 years.

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