Mistakes To Avoid With Your Leased Car

Leasing a car can be confusing for first-time consumers and often, these consumers come face to face with dilemmas they put themselves in. If you are one of these consumers, here are some mistakes to avoid when having a leased car.

Not Tracking Miles Driven

Going over the mileage limit stated in the contract leads to fees you wish you weren’t paying along with your monthly payments. When negotiating a mileage limit, give yourself enough room depending on your work status or other factors that lead into how much your drive. Also, what if you need to make an unexpectedly long trip? At times, consumers agree to very small limits and soon regret it. Choose a limit that is flexible to your needs.

Ignoring Maintenance

When leasing a car, a few minor scratches is expected since we can’t really put a leased car in a protected bubble. However, if you turn in your leased car with more than just minor imperfections, you should expect to pay up for the damages. Any damage that happens to your leased car is your responsibility. From dents, to paint being removed from an accident, whatever it is, the consumer of the car needs to get those repairs done out of pocket before turning the car back in to avoid penalties.

Not Having Car Inspected Before Driving Off Lot

We get it, you just got your leased car and you are ready to take it home! Before you do that however, slow down and have it inspected by either the dealership you are leasing from or a certified mechanic. You don’t want to drive home with damages you didn’t cause, because in the end, you will be paying for them.

Leasing A Car Outside Your Budget

Many times, consumers want the car of their dreams and since they are leasing, they assume that since it is cheaper, they can get the fancy car they want. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean they can afford it. Be sure to go through your calculations and expected expenses on your car before leasing to make sure it fits within your budget.

Take these tips with you if you plan on leasing a vehicle or you already have your first leased car!

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