Getting More Miles to the Gallon: 3 Simple Gas-Saving Tips

more miles to the gallonAs a consumer, there’s little you can do to change the price of gasoline or diesel. To save money on fuel, you need to either drive fewer miles or get more miles to the gallon. 
For many drivers, getting more miles to the gallon is as simple as one-two-three:

  1. Reduce weight. The more mass the engine has to move, the more fuel it will require. Therefore, you can get more miles to the gallon by simply getting rid of any unnecessary items you’re carrying in the car. On average, your mileage will go down by one percent for every 50 pounds of extra weight you’re hauling. And while it’s true that each extra pound has a bigger impact on lightweight compact cars than on large SUVs, utility vehicles are more likely to have heavy loads left forgotten in the cargo area.
  2. Improve aerodynamics. After weight, wind resistance is the biggest factor to overcome in improving mileage. If your vehicle has a luggage rack, bike carrier or other add-on structure, you can improve aerodynamics by removing it when not in use. And though air conditioning does decrease fuel economy, the drag caused by rolling down the windows consumes more fuel than running the A/C does.
  3. Perform basic maintenance. The most basic maintenance item to take care of is making sure your tires are properly inflated. Under-inflated tires may produce a smoother ride, but they reduce fuel economy and can affect handling and tread wear. Other fuel-saving maintenance items include changing the air filter and engine oil according to schedule (and using the right types of filters and oil). Besides getting you more miles to the gallon, proper maintenance can give you more miles between repairs.

If those changes don’t provide the fuel savings you need, your best option may be to get a more fuel-efficient car. At, our lease transfer services can help you get out of a car lease you no longer want or take over the existing lease on a better car. If you have questions about the process, please contact us.

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