Negotiating the Best Loan for You

When shopping for a car, consumers must take various factors into account. Though not everyone thinks about or remembers to research the vehicle and loan options they have, it is a good place to start. recently posted an article on loan basics consumers should be aware of. has also published its loan versus lease spreadsheet to help shoppers determine if it’s cheaper to finance, lease of take over an existing lease.

The article mentions the different aspects of a negotiation that buyers should keep in mind such as the total amount financed, the interest rate, length of loan, and monthly car payment. Many times buyers are so focused on the bottom line and monthly payments they neglect to look at the other elements of what they’re agreeing to and signing. It is very important to be cognizant of everything you agree to as the buyer so that there are no surprises down the road.

What’s more, the article mentions that consumers must read the fine print and not be swayed by ads they see, as there are restrictions that not everyone qualifies for. The article also advises buyers to get pre-approved for a loan, which can be used to leverage what the kind of offer the dealer makes.

If you’re not looking forward to making payments for the next 72 to 84 months, assuming a short-term lease is a great option. Sellers who are looking to exit their lease early, with no penalties, can list their lease on where an interested buyer will take it over.

Usually there are no down payments required and you get to drive the latest cars with a short-term commitment. You upgrade your phone every few months, why not your vehicle?

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