New Interiors for 2016

Year after year, car companies come out with new models with redesigned exteriors but this year some of the most exciting updates are going to be on the inside rather than the outside.


Technology is transforming the way we use our cars and also the features that we find to be the most necessary and enticing. When looking for a new car this year, you may find that there are some differences in the way the interiors of the newer models are set up.


Volvo has a new design they’re calling “flexible seating”. This new arrangement promises to comfortably seat seven adults. This seating arrangement is so spacious that even adults can sit in the third row. The driver and passenger’s seats are configured the same as a regular vehicle but the second row has three seats and the third row has two. This feature will be available soon on both the Volvo XC90 and the T8 plug-in hybrid.


Toyota also has some new innovations to bring to the table. The 2016 Highlander features a bin that runs the length of the cockpit of the car. This would be great for storing things that you might want on hand while on the road like napkins, road maps, or even snacks for the passengers. The extra storage space is even illuminated by a dim light, making all of your items easy to find when you need them.


Maybe one of the most useful features to be added will save you from losing French fries, pens and phones from the cracks in between your car seats. The Yanfeng Automotive has developed slender bins that fit between the seat and center console to catch all of the things you drop. This feature will be debuting in 2017, until then, have fun trying to reach for you lost possessions through the seat crack.


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