Your Newly Licensed Teen Drivers: 10 Things They Need to Know Before You Let Them Go

newly licensed teen driverPassing a driver’s test may prove that a teen can drive, but there are many other things that a newly licensed teen driver needs to know how to do. 

Before your newly licensed teen driver leaves home, make sure they know how to deal with:

  • Accidents – Though you hope they avoid them, you want your newly licensed teen driver to know how to deal with an auto collision.
  • Flat tires –Teens should know how to change a tire or at least how to safely stop and call for roadside assistance.
  • Slick driving conditions – Your teen driver needs to know how to drive safely in the rain or snow. That includes driving slower, braking sooner and properly handling skids.
  • Dashboard warning lights – They should know what those little light-up symbols mean and what to do when they come on.
  • Repair shops – When things do go wrong, teen drivers should know how to find a reliable repair shop and make sure they’re getting a fair deal.
  • Police officers – If they see flashing lights in the rear view mirror, they should immediately pull over, roll the window down, shut off the engine and keep their hands visible to the officer.
  • Drunk drivers – Besides not being under the influence themselves, teens should understand how important it is to not allow a friend to drive impaired or to accept a ride from an intoxicated driver.
  • Road rage – A newly licensed teen driver may accidentally do something that offends another driver or get upset themselves when someone else cuts them off. They need to understand the safety consequences of driving angry and stay calm whatever the situation.
  • Cell phones – Talking—or worse, texting—while driving is very unsafe and is illegal in some areas. If they must make or take a call, they should pull over and stop first.
  • Getting a new car – Parents are usually involved when teens get their first cars, but they will need to know how to go about buying or leasing new cars down the road.

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