Nissan to Discontinue Pickup Sales

For years, Nissan has been vowing to change the American full-size pickup market with a vehicle that challenges Ford, Ram and Chevrolet.  However, Nissan told its U.S. dealers last week that it will discontinue sales of the Titan XD and other Titan configurations such as single-cab models.

Nissan planners and executives said Nissan’s first-generation Titan in 2003 was a low-volume affair because the nameplate lacked key variations for serious truck buyers.  Without options like V-8 diesel, Nissan would not be a contender for pickup cross-shopping.

In the United States, pickup sales have been growing.  For the past six months, the Titan only took 1.5% share of the full size pickup segment, with 18,026 sales. That is a decline of over 23 percent from last year. Ford however, sold 448,398 full-size pickups entering June.

There is a perception that full-size pickup buyers typically buy American brands. In a letter last week to Nissan retailers obtained, Nissan Division Vice President Billy Hayes said Nissan remains committed to the full-size pickup market.

“We are simplifying the Titan lineup to focus our efforts on models that maximize opportunities to attract retail customers in the market for a full-size truck,” Hayes said. “With a stronger, more focused lineup, we can maximize the impact of the investment we are making.”

He told retailers Nissan will unveil “a dramatically refreshed Titan” at the Texas state fair in September and reveal “a new Titan XD” later in the fall.