Nissan to Leverage Technology to Defy Sedan Slump

Next month Nissan will launch the 2019 redesigned Altima and hopes to challenge the industry decline of sedan sales. For a long time, Americans have been abandoning sedans for crossovers, SUVs, and trucks.

Nissan plans to alter the reality of the automobile market and leave consumers reconsidering sedans, particularly the 2019 Altima. Previous models had a lot less tech, now Nissan is employing the most concentrated technology they ever have.
Consumers want tech and are choosing to forgo other preferences, like vehicle style, color, and brand, for a high-tech ride. The new Altima places an emphasis on new technology. Nissan is packing the new Altima with all wheel drive, new variable compression engine and advanced safety technology including their ProPilot Assist and Safety Shield 360 which boasts rear automatic braking.

Altima sales in the U.S are off 16% this year along with the overwhelming decline in demand for sedans over the past six years.

Despite success with crossovers, notably the Rogue, decline in sedan demand has remained an issue for Nissan. Nissan is still seen as a “car brand” and continues to rely on sedan sales.

Chairman, Denis Le Vot, recognizes the massive decline in sedan sales but remains hopeful, predicting they will return. His reasoning is that higher interest rates will push price-sensitive buyers away from pricey SUVs and crossovers, leading them back to sedans. By incorporating awd, consumers who want the safety of an SUV will be reassured by the new Altima.

For Le Vot, this is just the beginning. He hinted that all Nissan sedans will be enhanced in the coming years and follow Altima with redesigns.