No Steering Wheel, No Pedals, No Problem

Futuristic cars aren’t something out of a scene from “Back to the Future”. In the very near future, we could all be driving around in automated, electric cars with no steering wheels or pedals of any sort. Google has been building and testing driver-less cars at its California plant for the last four years. The electric powered vehicles only have two buttons: a red “e-stop” button, in cases of emergency, and a start button.

Google has come up with a way to take humans out of the equation. The car can be summoned by an application on your smart phone, can see about 600 feet in all directions, and has a range of roughly 100 miles. Possible future plans to use these automated vehicles will be to replace taxis in places like Manhattan. Why spend $5 per mile on cab fare when you can spend $0.50 per mile to go the same distance in half the time?

Though these cars won’t be made available to the public for some time, some day we may want to transfer in and out of our driverless cars, simply because we want something different. Like the leasing market for traditional cars, there will eventually be a lease transfer market for driverless cars.

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