You’re an Older Driver and Looking for a Car? 5 Features to Consider

older driverAn older driver often has different needs and preferences than, say, a newly licensed teen driver. And some cars are more senior-friendly than others. If you’re an older driver and have no desire to hang up the car keys, here are five features you might want to consider when choosing your next vehicle.

  1. Keyless entry and start – An older driver may find that using a key to unlock doors or turn an ignition switch becomes more difficult with age. Cars with keyless entry and push-button start features avoid this problem.
  2. Push-button controls – If your hands have difficulties grasping and turning knobs, look for a car with easy-to-use button controls for all dashboard functions. Voice command technology can also be helpful if you’re an older driver.
  3. Easy-to-read displays – The in-dash navigation and infotainment system should have large screens with text and graphics that are easily seen, even if your eyesight isn’t as great as it once was. Look for bright screens with high contrast capabilities. And if it’s a touch screen, make sure it’s easy to reach and control.
  4. Thick steering wheels – Thicker steering wheels are easier to grip with your hands. You also want one that’s easy to control, unlike the tight steering on vehicles such as sports cars.
  5. Easily adjustable seats – You want to be comfortable, and an older driver doesn’t need to be stretching to reach the pedals or cramped into a tight vehicle cockpit. Seat height is also important for entering and exiting the vehicle. You don’t want a too-tall truck or SUV that you can fall out of, but a ground-hugging coupe can be just as much of a problem and leave you struggling to climb out. Choose a car that fits your height or has seats which can be raised or lowered.

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