Paris Cracks Down on Older Vehicle

Older car are considered by some to be remembrances of the past and gems to be treasured, but not by France.


In attempts to cut back on the amount of smog that the city has, Paris has put a ban on all cars registered before 1997 and motorcycles before 2000 on the weekdays. This initiative, which was announced last year, will begin on July first of this year.


The goal of this plan to improve the air quality in Paris is to eventually ensure that no cars move than ten years old will ever roam the streets.


Paris will track the age of each car in the city using a color-coded chip which will divide the cars into six categories based on their level of pollution output.


It is estimated that about ten percent of cars in Paris are registered before 1997 but that same percentage generates as much as half of the city’s total emissions.


Classic car lovers will still be able to drive their beloved vehicles on the weekends but from Monday to Friday the vintage autos will have to stay in the garage.


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