9 Parking Habits That Can Protect Your Car From Theft

protect your car from theftCar theft is big business. Hundreds of thousands of cars are stolen each year, causing several billion dollars in losses. 

Fortunately, you can do some simple things when you’re parking to protect your car from theft. To keep your car from becoming a crime statistic, put these nine parking habits into practice:

  1. Hide your valuables. Quite often it is not the car that is stolen, but rather the electronics, purses or other easy-to-carry valuables that are in the car. If thieves do not see such items, they will not try to break in and steal them.
  2. Park in the light. Criminals love the dark; they do not want to risk being seen.
  3. Park where there are other people. For the same reason, parking in an attended lot or a place with a lot of foot traffic is often enough to protect your car.
  4. Roll the windows up completely. That small gap may keep your car interior cooler, but it also gives thieves a handhold to force their way in.
  5. Take your registration with you. Leave the title at home, and carry the registration in your purse or wallet. Without that paperwork, thieves will have a harder time selling or  transferring your car to a new owner.
  6. Back rear-wheel-drive vehicles into parking spots. Tow trucks are often used to steal cars. If the transmission is in park, and the tow truck cannot reach the drive wheels, a car becomes extremely difficult to tow away. Front-wheel-drive vehicles should be driven in forward, for the same reason.
  7. Set your parking brake. This can also protect your car from being towed, even if the drive wheels are lifted off the ground.
  8. Don’t hide spare keys in or on the vehicle. You may think they are well-hidden, but experienced car thieves know all the good hiding spots.
  9. Always, always lock the doors. This might seem obvious, but half of all cars that are stolen were unlocked when they were taken.

If you have any questions about keeping your car safely parked where you left it, feel free to contact us at Swapalease. We’re happy to answer all of your questions. And if you’re in the car market, we’re happy to help you with that, too.

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