Photographing Your Vehicle for Lease or Sale: Make It Shine for the Camera

photographing a car for lease or saleLooking to sell your car or transfer out of your auto lease? One of the best sales pitches you can use when posting your car online is to upload a great set of pictures.

Photographing a vehicle for lease or sale doesn’t require a professional photographer, but you do need to know what you’re doing.

Here are some tips for photographing a vehicle for lease or sale:

  • Wash it. You want to post photos of a clean machine, so spend some time washing your car both inside and out before taking pictures.
  • Use the right camera. Many people no longer own a camera outside of the one on their phone. Phone cameras have improved considerably, and if you have the latest smartphone, the picture quality should suffice. But if you have an older phone or one with a lower picture resolution, find a better camera to use instead. It’s worth the extra effort.
  • Choose the right background. When photographing a vehicle for lease or sale, park it in an attractive setting. Drive to a nearby park or lake, or find an angle that shows off the best part of your home or lawn. If the overall photo is more attractive, your car will get a better response.
  • Use the right lighting. You don’t want to photograph it at night, but high noon isn’t ideal either. The hour just after sunrise and another just before sunset are known as the “golden hours,” because it produces the most attractive light.
  • Cover the angles. Shoot from all around and inside the car. If it’s a convertible, photograph it with the top up and down. Digital photos are free, so take plenty of them and then choose which angles look best.
  • Be honest. Don’t hide blemishes such as dents. The buyer will eventually see the car in person, and any deception could then negate the sale.

For examples of how other people have gone about photographing a vehicle for lease or sale, you can search our listings.

If you have any questions about how to post your leased vehicle on, please contact us today.

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