Preventing a Car Break-In: Your 10-Step Strategy

lock car to prevent car break-inThough many cars are stolen each year, you’re far more likely to have someone steal something out of your vehicle than steal the vehicle itself. In the U.S., a car break-in occurs every 17 seconds, resulting in well over $1 billion in annual losses.

Below are 10 steps you can take to prevent a car break-in and protect your valuable belongings.

  1. Lock the doors. About a quarter of all car break-ins don’t require any breaking, because the cars were left unlocked or with rolled-down windows.
  2. Take your keys. Besides locking the doors, don’t leave a spare key hidden on or in the vehicle. Hidden things often get found.
  3. Set the alarm. If you don’t have an alarm, you may consider getting one installed.
  4. Park in a visible area. You want to leave your car in a well-lit public place. The potential for witnesses or security footage can deter or at least help catch many car thieves.
  5. Watch for suspicious activity. If you see someone in or around the parking lot who may be looking for an opportunity to steal something out of a vehicle, notify the police and park somewhere else.
  6. Take your valuables. When feasible, don’t leave anything for a thief to steal.
  7. Hide your valuables. If you can’t take it with you when you go, at least don’t leave expensive items visible inside the cabin. Hide them or lock them away in the trunk.
  8. Don’t leave clues. Hiding that laptop or GPS device might not make much difference if you leave a power cord or windshield mount for the device in plain sight.
  9. Don’t be obvious. One potential problem with hiding valuables is that thieves might see you hiding them. It’s better to have said items hidden before you park (though, of course, not while driving).
  10. Choose the right car. You can lower the chances of a car break-in by having an integrated alarm, in-dash navigation system and GPS tracking, such as in many luxury lease vehicles.

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