R.I.P. In-Car CD Players

Most of us remember when CD players were the best means of playing your favorite tunes. There were boom boxes, Walkmans and eventually CD players in our cars. If you had a wide variety in your music collection, then you probably had a book of CD’s in your glove compartment or one of those nifty CD organizers clipped to your sun visor. But those items will now be a thing of past, even more than they already are.


14 years after the iPod rocked the portable music world, the in-car CD player may finally be laid to rest. Last year about 17% of cars in the U.S. had no CD player, says the Seattle Times. And by 2021 that number will rise to 46%.


Technology is likely to blame for the death of the CD player. Today, if you want to play your own music in the car, you will typically plug your MP3 player or smartphone into the stereo via an auxiliary cord or connect to a device through Bluetooth. Although CD’s are occasionally dug up to indulge in some throwbacks and homemade mixes, the majority of the population’s CD players are probably just collecting dust.


Advancing technology isn’t the only one to blame for the lack of CD slots in new model cars, by forgoing the CD player in the car’s stereo, the manufacturer saves approximately $30 dollars according to the Seattle Times. Eliminating the CD slot also makes room for larger touch screens used for music, navigation and apps.


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