Rain and Winter Car Care

Living in a place like Florida, where it rains often, or like New York where winters include snow storms and harsh temperatures, giving one’s vehicle extra care is important. For starters, heavy rain makes it harder for tires and windshields to work properly so drivers must be extra cautious. The last thing any driver needs during the winter is for their car to break down, but luckily these tips that can help dangerous situations to be prevented.

Many people believe that rain “cleans their car” but this is actually a myth. The rain drops can leave damaging deposits on the vehicle’s surface. Rain leaves behind acidic deposits which is why it is important to wash your vehicle with special soap formulated specifically for cars.

Aside from washing your car, it is smart to wax it in order to have a protective barrier against the elements. Waxing should be done at least four times a year, ideally at the beginning of every season.

After washing and waxing the car, it is important to check out the exterior of the car that are exposed while driving. Tires are the first accessory that should be checked because it is harder to grip wet roads if the tires are wore down and have less traction. The other accessory that needs attention is the windshield because you want it to be prepared to endure heavy rain. During the rainy season, do a thorough inspection of the windshields can prevent uncomfortable situations.

Rain can make driving difficult but snow can be even more dangerous if your car is not in the right condition to handle the weather.

The safe winter driving checklist includes the battery, heaters, defrosters, wipers, tires, break, light, oil and filter. It is necessary to get all of these items checked before the winter season hits because it reduces the probability of a car breakdown. After taking the car to the shop and getting all of these parts checked, the car is ready to endure tough circumstances.

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