Road Trip Season is Upon Us

Summer is upon us and with it comes endless family trips to the beach, amusement parks and anywhere in the continental United States. With the kids out of school and parents taking their vacation days, it’s no surprise that families want to travel comfortably. As families and individuals get ready to enjoy their summer, most will opt for a road trip to new and unfamiliar places.

USA Today recently released their 10 Best Cars for a Summer Road Trip that appeals to a variety of drivers and driving needs. As summer gives way to hotter temperatures and longer days, some manufacturers are offering the hottest deals of the season. For families and individuals looking to get into a new vehicle now is the perfect time. Treat yourself and your family to a trip they’ll never forget. Some families even opt for a short-term lease that fits their unique needs for summer travel, such as a convertible or a lease with lots of miles left on the contract for additional drive time.

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